Project Fubergen v7 Alpha

Project Fubergen v7 Alpha 1.0

Well Project Fubergen is back with their new client
1.0 (See all)

Well Project Fubergen is back with their new client. The PF v6 wasn't very popular, such as v5.
- All skillcapes, except hunter
- New loading and connection lost bar
- Jframe with menu
- Music in client (u can put your favorite music)
- New Hairstyles and clothes.
- Nonrenamed with 377 cache
- Fixed Prayer bug (freezed client, not enough)
- Port and ip Changer in menu
- Screenshot button
- Vengeance works
- More options for themes from client's icon
- Note:Choosing different themes? Just click Fubergen's icon
- All Previous version's features are in this version too
- new hp bar
- Chat filter
- Reshape minimap [Square]
- Edited sprites
- Client tells, when update available
- music menu deleted, Music buttons added
- Custom crowns
- Scrollbar fixed
- Renamed Gui
- 3rd armours
- All God's swords
- Lots of custom items, recolored items

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